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Help from other organisations

As you are probably aware I have worked hard on this site and I have attempted to make contact with various organisations to try and get it publicised more. After all, I’m trying to help anyone in the same position as me, so getting this site known is of paramount importance to me.

Anyway, I received a number of lovely messages from a range of people today.

Colin Philip from DV Men

Firstly, Colin Philip from DV men, sent a fantastic email offering support and sharing his experiences with me. It was a fantastic email. However, out of respect for Colin I won’t publish what he said on here. However, I have attached a link to his site that is certainly worth a read. There are some fantastic articles and links that I have personally found extremely useful. I was also delighted to see that he has attached a link to my page on his. I cannot thank him enough for this opportunity to share my story.

 Jaime-Louise White from Choices

Secondly, I had an email from Jaime-Louise White from Choices.  She expressed interest in my site and wished to link in with my site also. Although her charity was initially set up to support females, they now offer support to all victims of domestic abuse. I’m sure we all agree that although my site is aimed at a male perspective, all forms of abuse to any gender is wrong and I am delighted to be able to offer my support to both of these organisations. Again, I have attached a link to their site on my page also.

Finally, I’ve had a range of companies offer to have a look at this site to try and improve it for me. To any IT specialist they can probably find a whole host of errors but I don’t think I’ve done too bad so far considering I’ve never done any thing like this before.




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