Professional responsibility

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I have read and re-read this page before posting it and unfortunately it may seem like I’m ranting. I have held my tongue for a while now and if I can’t vent on my own website I don’t know where I can.

My second letter of apology

I received my second apology letter today (from a different county council).

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

Their letter was long winded and a little bit wet. But it contained what I wanted. Firstly, an apology and secondly that my complaints have been upheld.

Looking at it from a different angle

It was during the weekend I took a step back and looked at it from a different angle. Yes, I had been treated badly by two different county council social workers departments. But I considered two points.

Firstly, how can one person be so unlucky to have dealt with two different departments to be handled by two failing social workers?

Secondly, if I am only one person to have found these faults how rife must mismanagement and unprofessionalism actually be within official governmental departments?

I bet I’m not the only one

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

But how many other people, throughout the world, who have found themselves in my situation have also (unknowingly) had to deal with corruption, lies and unprofessionalism without redress? How many other lives have been damaged without the knowledge of challenging such decisions?

Perhaps we will never know. I’m sure no government departments would keep statistics on such a matter. But if I’m only one, and this is my first experience, it must be more widespread than any of us can imagine.

We all have a responsibility

Many of us will know that if we have responsible jobs we are constantly subjected to scrutiny and assessments. In some cases, we may even be responsible to a governing body. But surely how can two different social workers in two different councils get it so wrong? Is it them or should their departments be answerable as a whole. Furthermore, could I also suggest that a higher authority go an inspect their previous cases because I can state with some authority that I bet I’m not the only one.

Name not a number

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

During my first meeting with Warwickshire County Council, I stated that to them people are just a number or a file on a shelf. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Each case is a human being suffering in some way that feels lost or forgotten due to the inhumanity of it all. And this is an important point. As we all live and breathe we are different to each other and so some formulas may not work on each and every case. Each name is a person, each complaint has a story to tell and each case needs to be looked at beyond face value. I was never given the decency of this expectation at all.

It could be you

I still feel more could be done. I know many people would be glad that it was ‘all over’ and perhaps roll over and be glad it’s all concluded with. Yet I feel each and every one of us has a duty to fight against any form of injustice. If I had not said, “this is wrong” these corrupt social workers would continue to go about their business unhindered and wrong. How many more lives could they have ruined? It could be yours next.

What a difference a day makes

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

I was not prepared to let this go. How can it be that one day you are seen as a pillar of society with no criminal record to becoming the devil incarnate and a dangerous man the next? Well, we know it all stemmed from one person’s lies (of which I have been informed the police will be in contact with me to pursue a prosecution – I won’t hold my breath). She will of course be dealt with appropriately because I will make it my business to make sure it is done correctly.

So you think you’re untouchable?

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

Like myself, we all have a duty to work at our best or to be a better person. But alas, I have found that many in authority don’t seem to carry this philosophy and I find this a dangerous precedent. A real turning point was when it was said to me; “how dare I challenge him when he is a social worker”. What kind of explanation is that? Don’t we put down dogs because they bite – after all that’s what dog do.

Perhaps things will change. We can complain to higher authorities pushing our complaints further. But this should never be the case as things should be dealt with correctly from the outset. But unfortunately, I must suggest that this will never be the case because these individuals do indeed hide behind official walls. Thinking they are untouchable.

Two wrongs never make a right

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Professional responsibility

OK, one social worker has been sacked but it doesn’t stop him from getting another social worker’s job somewhere else. No doubt, he will still go home to his comfortable home and family.  His only regret will be the fact that he was caught out (but no regrets on what he did).

The other is off sick. I still find this very convenient. The longer he is off the less chance they have to question him about his conduct. I doubt he will get sacked and eventually, as he looks through his rear-view mirror on life, I will just be a mere shadow. Yet these individuals have been mountains in the way of my life. I don’t think I will ever forget the damage they have caused all in the name of them thinking (?) they were doing the right thing at the time. Even though I have proven that to be both wrong and illegal.

3 Replies to “Professional responsibility”

  1. Hello, Keith. I must tell you… I may not know you at all except by association of one another’s writings, but I must tell you this. I am very proud of you advocating for yourself.
    You are correct about something you stated earlier on… I’m sure many other’s have gone through this error of injustice, and it will continue to happen. Some people aren’t strong enough to fight for themselves. You, on the other hand, did an amazing job!!!
    Not to be the devil or angel on either side of your mind, but… it is never too late to go public with what happened to you. You now have the proof that you were treated poorly to say the very least. Give it some thought.

    1. Hello Beckie
      It has crossed my mind about getting my story published for a while now. I must admit that the whole thing has left me both physically and mentally exhausted.
      As you can guess the struggle was certainly up hill to say the least.
      Furthermore, although I have enjoyed writing I do t feel confident that my writing is good enough for the people I want to reach out too.
      Your support and comments have been immeasurable in their importance and I still have a long way to go.
      I suppose, we all have to fight the good fight at times. I just want the nightmare to finally be over so I can then focus on a full recovery.

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