Police Failure

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I absolutely love writing. I also pride myself in writing fair and unbiased opinions. However, this won’t be unbiased. It will however, be honest and open based on my experiences and knowledge. undoubtedly, I will get some critism for what I have written but I want to be convinced that I am wrong. I want my faith restored in the system. But it will take a lot of convincing I’m afraid.

I was brought up to respect the hierarchy of society, its laws and customs. I knew where I stood and I knew my place within my community. As an honest hard-working citizen, I came to expect that the police would protect myself and my loved ones in our hours of need. I looked up to these officers thanking them for their self-sacrifices in the name of law and order. But it transpires I was fed on lies and propaganda.

“The highest mode of corruption is the abuse of power.”

Yet, time and time again I have witnessed and read a continual list of police failures. I recall my great grandmother telling me a story about police corruption during the first world war. She would recount how they profited from black market deals and would expect to be able to sit in the back of her shop on rainy days (whilst they hung their coats up outside). And that is without discussing pimping and theft.

I would often dismiss her stories as being ramblings from an old lady. Although, much of what she told me has become reflected in my own experiences.

Let’s be clear, I would never want to be a policeman, mainly because I don’t consider myself to be arrogant and holier than thou. Yet they have made a rod for their own backs and deserve a lot of the critism they get. Because for police officers in this country, corruption has become routine. Imagine that the police increasingly used their powers to crack down not on criminals but on anyone who dares to speak out against them. Well they do, not in a banana republic, but here in England.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Police Failure

It is not that power corrupts. In a modern society power is needed to protect the rights of individuals. Yet, it is that power attracts the corrupted. The very idea of joining the police service must require a certain lack of empathy, because by definition, the police cannot produce anything, only act upon a claim. All the police can do is coerce, jump to unsubstantiated conclusions, and use force to achieve its ends. Does that sound like something a ‘good person’ wants to do?

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

Some of this was revealed in a little-noticed report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, which went on to deliver some even more shocking news. Nearly half of 17,200 officers and staff surveyed said that if they discovered corruption among their colleagues and chose to report it, they didn’t believe their evidence would be treated in confidence and would fear ‘adverse consequences’. This appalling lack of protection for whistle-blowers — often amounting to persecution — has become commonplace throughout the public services and creates a climate in which dishonesty and malpractice flourish.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Police Failure

The second report, compiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, bears this out. It says there has been a sharp increase over the past five years in the number of police officers dealing heroin, cocaine and amphetamines and an equally startling rise in the number of officers abusing their power ‘for sexual gratification’ — in other words bullying or cajoling suspects, witnesses and even victims into having sex with them.

Next door

I recall a police man moving into the house next to mine a few years ago. He came around to introduce himself (god knows why because it’s not something I would do). He said two things. Firstly he said, “Hello my name is….”, instantly followed by “…and I’m a policeman”. Well what the hell did he expect me to do about that? Perhaps fall to my knees and sing his praises? I would never state to my neighbours on first introduction that I am a paramedic. It’s irrelevant and not needed. Ironically, the local burglary rate went up (including a break in in his own shed).

I could not believe how much this man loved himself. Furthermore, he would invite his (uniformed) friends around often playing loud music until the late hours of the evening. He saw himself as the law and often considered himself to be above it.


I was once burgled and as expected I called the police (this was a different house). The police eventually turned up a day later and half-heartedly took a statement. What an utter waste of time. No body was ever brought to book and I don’t even recall them taking finger prints.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Police Failure

However, I still held them in high regard. My complete faith was utterly broken recently when I attempted to report my ex for assault and abuse. As I should have expected they did absolutely nothing. In fact when I arrived at the police station for a booked appointment I had to remind the young officer that he had not taken a single note. He was only embarrassed because he thought I hadn’t noticed.

3 August 2017

Only today, an article printed in ‘The Telegraph’ highlights the police’s utter failure when it comes to domestic abuse towards the men. It states… Telegraph:-male-victims-of-domestic-abuse-often-end-up-getting-arrested-themselves.html

Police forces insist they are making great strides in tackling the problem with the number of women convicted of domestic abuse quadrupling in the last decade from 806 in 2004/05 to 3,735 in 2013/14.

But the problem remains still largely hidden and campaigners insisting much more needs to be done to encourage victims to come forward and have the confidence to report an offence.

One male victim who took part in the study, but did not want to be named described how he had been arrested on three separate occasions following false allegations by his wife.

He said: “In the latest incident I made the initial complaint to police as my wife assaulted me. But when they arrived, they showed little concern and instead arrested me because my wife made a counter allegation.

“I certainly feel that more compassion and empathy needs to be shown towards male victims of domestic violence.”

Easy option

Time and again, following research and investigations I have found that the police do not operate to protect the law or its victims but only seem to operate a policy of the ‘easy option’. It is easier for them to blame a male victim than a female perpetrator. And this is wrong. Morally and professionally.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Police Failure

I recall driving to work one morning and spotting a policeman having some difficulty with a suspect. Thinking I was doing my duty by helping the officer involved I stepped in. Today, I would never take such undertaking. I would view it that the policeman was either unjustifiably throwing his weight around and became unstuck. Or, like every other police officer I know he was corrupt.

My son was right

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Police Failure

My son has always disliked the police and I never really knew why. Recently when I asked him his reasons he stated that “the police are driven by targets not crime fighting”.

I must admit he is right and I have spent my whole life being wrong with regards to the police. I struggled to argue an alternative view, because I did not believe in an alternative argument.

What do I want now?

I want to be treated with the respect I deserve and not be re traumatized by the police’s failure to do what they should be expected to do. If they can’t see fit to offer a prosecution against my ex then I want reassurance what happened to me will never ever happen again. But I fear each individual police officer lacks the comprehension to understand my request.

Let’s be clear, this blog is not about men being the only victims. Domestic abuse is a real factor in the world we live in. What does concern me is that victims are not being afforded the decency and respect they should require from the representatives of the law of whom we are expected to respect. The facts, however, do not merit respect from me. The police have constantly failed me and I have had enough of not talking about it.

My final word to anyone about to leave school is the following. Don’t worry if you fail your exams, the police are always recruiting.




6 Replies to “Police Failure”

  1. I was arrested last christmas for so callee being aggresive drunk and causing crimnal damage in my own house.
    You call the police where i live it normally takes 2 days.
    They were there in 10 mins, keep me locked up for 12 and a half hours. My Ex and her sister set me up.
    I was released with out charge but the cop involved threated me nose to nose that he would charge me if anything else.
    I have never liked or will ever respect the police. As i was set up as they made a video of it all. The police confirmed i had done nothing wrong.

  2. Hello Abdulla
    I have read and re-read your comment and what bothers me is that in the 30 years (or so) that I have known you, I can say with great confidence that you are the most placid and laid back person I know.
    You example proves the point completely. I wonder if you had showed the police a little bit of ‘attitude’ then they may have been softer on you. Obviously like all bullies they got a kick by treating you like shit because you were intimidated by them.
    The police need public support to do their job effectively yet, they seem too stupid to realise this and either recruit idiots or don’t actually give a shit about what is right or wrong. Again, easy target setting.
    I have no time at all for the police and I will never offer my support for anything they claim to represent. Utter failures.

  3. Wow. It’s way worse in Britain than it is here in the U.S.. Still, it’s bad enough here, but not like there. I feel bad for those who are victims of failed police backup. I hope they get that changed over there soon.

    As for men here and being the victims of domestic violence, it’s not taken very seriously, and often the men get arrested instead. Women still reign supreme as the “poor damsel in distress.” It’s pathetic how many women get away with domestic violence and go unscathed. They win their cases in Court because they lie, or the Judges turn their back on the Defendant merely because he’s a male. They really don’t care about men who are the victims of female domestic abuse. That needs to change over here, as well.

  4. It’s more common that most people would think. I know domestic abuse should not be tolerated in any circumstances, but it would be great if the police and the judicial system would recognise these problems with male domestic abuse are real and not just take a one sided ‘it must be him’ approach.

    1. Hello Bill
      Thank you for your comment.
      I doubt it will ever change as the present system works too well for the authorities – why fix what isn’t broke, so to speak?
      Domestic violence is not gender specific but the status quo has made sure it is and so males will never believed and so the merry go round will persist.

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