Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Abuse – Khawaja Akbar.

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Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Abuse – Khawaja Akbar.


You only have to type in a few words into google to discover that domestic violence against men has been going on for centuries. Although conceptions have changed the protection for men has not.

Men have been victims too

Historically, any man complaining of being a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of his female partner, has left him open to ridicule and further abuse. As a result, many men have retired further into a shell of denial and continued victimisation.

Failure of the police to recognise the obvious

In my case I turned to the police who instantly opted for the easy solution and treated me as the criminal. Furthermore, the heavy handedness and blinkered anti man approach of social services has still stopped me from seeing my daughter (is this not legalised kidnap?). What is really upsetting is that all his has developed from the word of one person (my ex) who set out to say she would “destroy me” if I left her. The authorities therefore, seem to support her behaviour. I’ve still not been able to speak to anyone to give my side of the story. Why would they let me, as I would be challenging their views on domestic violence (as men can be victims)?

State supported closed door policy

Of course, I fully intend to complain about my treatment to both the police and social services after my trial. However, I am also prepared that they will close their doors and deny that there is a problem. This of course, further compounds the reasons why men do not complain about their abuse.

In the 21st century when we claim to have real equality it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny in these cases. I was a victim whilst in my relationship, I’m a victim following my escape and this is perpetuated and maintained by the state and those of whom I was supposed to trust.

Khawaja Akbar -“Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Violence.”

Whilst searching the internet I came across a dissertation by Khawaja Akbar, called “Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Violence.” In it he comments about how the system has let men down both historically and presently. He touches on the fact that these services are completely out of their depth and opt not to improve their flawed system. It is flawed and I’m living proof that it is.

I suggest that you click on Khawaja’s link at the top of this page and have a read. As always I have also attached further links below.

Male Domestic Violence Site

This link below is really good when it comes to dealing with corrupt social workers who follow their own agenda.

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