I’ve been busy keeping myself busy – a good way of feeling better?

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It’s good to keep busy. Have a routine

I’ve quickly learnt that I don’t like sitting there and doing nothing. I tend to find that my mind wanders and reflects on past events and present outcomes. I’ve learnt that my personality requires me to keep busy. Having a routine makes me get up and get things done.

If You Keep Yourself Busy, You Won’t Be Depressed?

Joining the gym

Initially it was suggested to me to join a gym. It was a good idea, and as it helps my mental health I’m also hoping that it will help eradicate my belly. I’ve found that I have become somewhat competitive with myself. Over the last few weeks I’ve increased my times on each machine and raised the difficulty level. It’s kept my mind focused whilst I am there but it has also given me a sense of achievement.

I must admit that I had some initial reservations about the type of people who would be there. Would they all be “body beautiful” laughing at me with my belly and skinny pale legs. But no. There was all sorts. Some old, some young, some large and some small. It appears on observation, that there is some form of etiquette whereby you don’t talk to anyone (unless you know them and came with them) and you don’t do eye contact – which suits me. You just get on with your task and you’re left alone, which is just ideal for people like us. On reflection, I wasn’t the worst there but equally I wasn’t the best.

Benefits of joining the gym

Writing my blog

I’ve  found that this site and it’s management has become an obsession.  I’m constantly trying to improve it, add to it, check to see if it’s easy to find on Google etc… I’m equally hoping that at some point this page will find someone of whom it will help and possibly share their thoughts too. It’s almost like a Robinson Crusoe of the internet world. However, it’s been good to share my thoughts and feelings and I would recommend anyone to do it – perhaps they will be better at it than me.

Being busy has helped?

I have found that filling my day with something is an essential thing to stop negative thoughts and feelings. This does, I must stress, go hand in hand with my medication and counselling. I cannot rely on these things alone but together, they were a big step to take but a good one.

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