The Importance of keeping a record

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The Importance Of Keeping a Record

It is typical of men to not want to cause a fuss or to think things will get better. This blog will prove it is vitally important to keep a record of what you have experienced.

My Boss Noticed.

My boss was aware that something was not right. Initially, I was dismissive but after a while I decided to share the events that were unfolding at home.

Record Keeping

My boss kept a formal written record of what I had divulged. This document has become a highly valued record. If it did not exist it would have been my word against hers, and therefore, not have been a solid defence against her allegations.

Solicitors Letter

I received a letter today from my solicitor. I have removed any identifying details but I wish to share the main features.

Dear Sirs

We write regarding the case of Mr xxxxxxxxx which is due before the Court on xxxx August 2017 for trial.

Mr xxxxxxxxx has provided us with 3 statements from defence witnesses which he wishes to adduce at trial and also some evidence regarding his reporting of domestic abuse to his employers. …

With regard to the domestic abuse material, Mr xxxxxxxxxxx would be seeking an agreed fact with the prosecution that he has historically reported his concerns of domestic abuse regarding his partner. The evidence would plainly become relevant if it were suggested that Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx has only raised this issue following his arrest.

And so on….

A solid piece of evidence

I hope that you can see from this the importance of reporting anything you believe to be wrong. I’m not suggesting that you run to the police at every opportunity. But at least share your information in a formal way. As stated, if I had not done this then i would have no defence against her allegations.

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