Well, isn’t that a surprise. Another police failure.

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I don’t easily get cross or angry. I would like to think that this a good characteristic about myself. I pride myself on being able to see events and actions from both sides. However, I’ve just had some news that firstly doesn’t come a surprise but secondly has proved my point precisely.

Follow on from complaint

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Well, isn't that a surprise. Another police failure.

If you recall following my acquittal I raised a number of complaints to various establishments. One of these complaints was to the police raising my concerns about unfair treatment and their heavy handedness and blinkered views when it came to male victims of domestic abuse.

A short time after my formal complaint, I was invited by the police to attend their station and put my account across about what had happened to me. Following the interview I felt comfortable (if not elated) that for once I was being listened to.


Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Well, isn't that a surprise. Another police failure.

During the interview I provided evidence based on statements, texts and emails I had received from my ex, independent diary accounts when I had reported the assaults I had endured.

My statement totalled about eight or nine pages and I was happy to sign each page confirming that what I said was true, accurate and I was willing to attend court to state the facts. The police officer taking the statement stated that she was satisfied that there would be enough to prosecute.

She needed to stop

I must admit I was slightly reluctant to go ahead with this because I know the pain of being arrested and questioned under caution. Yet I knew I was telling the truth. Furthermore, as you may recall, she had a history of such actions and saw it as her right to create problems for men when she felt the relationship was over.

She had her previous exs arrested and charged for the same things as I and on each occasion the cases were thrown out at court. Therefore, with this history I felt it was justified to go ahead and push for a prosecution.

How much stupidity does one department need to have?

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Well, isn't that a surprise. Another police failure.

Today I received a phone call from the police to say that after consideration they were not going to follow the case up any further. It is fair to say I was livid. I stated that I had given them hard and irrefutable evidence that included statements from other people and professional agencies.

I also informed the police officer that the police were all over me like a ‘tramp on chips’ following a fake 999 call and no evidence at all.

This police officer was not only dismissive but clearly ignorant of the facts as I put them and the evidence that proved I was right.

There is literally nothing more they needed apart from a knife in my back

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Well, isn't that a surprise. Another police failure.

But lets consider this further for a moment. Let’s look at the facts as they now appear.

Firstly, I had reported my assaults to my work organisation that kept dates and comprehensive details about the assaults and threats I had received.

Secondly, I had kept text and emails from my ex highlighting what kind of assaults she was prepared to carry out.

And finally, I had independent witness statements from people who knew me and was aware of what I was enduring. Furthermore, one of the witnesses also knew my ex and what she was like. Each statement supported my view and accounts.

And so men will remain silent

But here is the ‘rub’ which I now consider as fact. The final response from the police now indicates and proves why men don’t bother reporting abuse to the police. I opened up about events and actions that no-one should ever endure in a relationship. I stated facts that were uncomfortable and I had each statement tests for validity. Yet they ultimately failed to do anything.

It now appears evident that the police are blinkered and biased when it comes to domestic abuse. They failed me and have no continued to do so.

I will stress now, if you are a male in an abusive relationship and you manage to get out (or for that matter have to remain in the family home) don’t bother calling the police. All you will do is create un-needed stress and upset. You will be left bereft at the level of ignorance and unreasonableness by the police. Let me remind you, this happens in a democratic society and abuse is going on in so many places.

Unfortunately, we men have no protection under the law to combat domestic abuse.

It’s not over until the fat ‘paper’ sings

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Well, isn't that a surprise. Another police failure.

But not to worry the national press now have access to my story (and my phone number).



4 Replies to “Well, isn’t that a surprise. Another police failure.”

  1. Oh, My God! I can’t believe I just read this news. I was shaking my head in disbelief and shock.
    DEFINITELY, go the press! Take no prisoners!!!
    Such a shame that this is STILL going on. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Hi Keith, I’m not surprised at the outcome. There was an article on the BBC news recently about female abuse. It is the second time in the past few months they have hosted an article based on women being abused. Both times I emailed the BBC about my own plight as a male been abused and I was totally ignored. I have complained to the CPS and I have used your page to complain to the IPCC. Sadly I do not hold out much hope. As you know my situation is identical to yours except that you are further ahead than me I have a pending court case next year and like you I have mountains of evidence compared to he said she said which the police seem to believe on the female side. I have been under a male abuse therapist for nearly a year and struggle daily with anxiety and depression. Each day is a challenge in coming to terms with the experience. We suffer in silence and will continue to do so. If you have any luck with exposing your situation with the news media, give them my email too, I would gladly talk to them. Best regards, Graham

  3. I would love to share my story on your blog. 11 years of abuse. she once knocked me out with a judo throw to the ground (she is a trained judoka), then called the police claiming that i was trying to harm her, and abduct the kids. She also mentioned that i was armed with a gun (not true). When the police showed up, they disregarded my statement, and the statement of my children to witnessed the abuse. She opened her blouse, cried, and they let her off…i went to the hospital with a head injury. no arrest, no charges. When i filed a complaint, i was regarded as the vindictive ex with an agenda. complaint was deemed “unfounded”. Well, after a year of people not believing me, my ex did the same with her new boyfriend . . . but after the judo throw, she held a 12 inch serrated stainless steel knife to his throat and threatened to “‘kill” him. Luckily she was arrested, but now she is claiming self defense. The female judge, female prosecutor, female defense attorney, and female court psychologist are all lining up behind her. Female privilege. Court Hearing this wednesday on a motion to dismiss. I am going, and i will voice my concerns as a victim’s rights advocate and a men’s rights advocate. unless we start speaking up, things will not change.

    1. Good god, that is an horrific story. But then again it’s not unusual or unheard of. As soon as I realised something was wrong I started to keep records and I’m glad I did. Also like you I found the police etc to be on a male hating agenda. It is only now that with the evidence I have collected and maintained that I have been able to challenge the police, CPS and social services. To be fair social services have come clean and admitted their errors. This of course has given me strength to approach the other organisations and say if they can admit it then so can you.
      I am tired of hearing how much they take these allegations as serious but then do nothing about it. Indeed something has to change but I don’t know how or when it will happen but too many innocent lives are being shattered by the complacency of the police and the unprofessional approach of the law.
      Let me know how it goes at court. Where is it?

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