Education is not ignorance

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There is no job more important than education.

From our early years we attend school to learn to read and write. We learn mathematical formulas to help with future mathematical difficulties. We also delve into the arts of science, history and other faculties. We go to college or training programs to gain knowledge and skills in an area of future employment.  Yet, we enter the world of parenthood with no formal training and little preparation.

New age – new problems

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Education is not ignorance

Unfortunately (in my view), we are now living in a new age. Information about everything is at our finger-tips and comes at us from all angles and with a rapid pace. We, and specifically our children, now have access to more information than anytime in human history. However, it also feeds unfettered propaganda, the voice of poisoned minds and draws unfair comparisons to others in similar situations. The result is that we worry about the outside world on a higher basis or treat each other with distrust and contempt.

Following my initial desire to write I searched the internet to find groups or organisations that were similar in their views to offer support or guidance. However, I discovered a world of unjustified hatred and words written that would and should never be said in public to trample on or attempt to destroy the voice of others.

Hatred groups

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Education is not ignorance

Recent news articles and stories have focused on specific hate groups that look to target religious or political ideologies. Yet, with a simple direction on any search engine and you can discover a world of hatred aimed at gender groups. Specifically, the ill informed (and it appears poorly educated) feminist groups that preach the destruction, enslavement, or in some cases the genocide of males.

I have also come across groups that preach the freedom of speech but demand the closing of opposing groups who also have a voice to be heard.

In no sense… nonsense

Is it me or how does this make any sense? As I have stated, we attend schools from an early age but logic, fairness and the true meaning of freedom seems to be missed from the curriculum. Now, I know that the state is not able or responsible for teaching every form of philosophy but the ability to seek an understanding of other groups or ideologies must be a consideration worth looking at.

Stupid is as stupid does

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Education is not ignorance

Let me give you an example. I recently came across a feminist organisation that advocate and promote the idea of aborting male foetuses. Is this not, therefore, an ideology of hate promoting the murder of the indefensible?  Would the advocates of these ideas not realise that they are a product of two parents namely a mother and father? If this view was to become a valid concept then they would be on a journey to their own demise and eventual elimination? I don’t like the idea of labelling people as stupid. But, this is just plain stupid and has been preached without the ability to think things through.

Victimisation is not a privilege

But this blind form of education has been allowed to filter into every house and every room with access to the internet. By simply scrolling through websites such as Facebook you can find groups advertising the idea that they wish to support victims. Yet, so many men have been ridiculed or viciously targeted by the females in the groups because they have preached the same as them. Simply put, if a male states that he is a victim of abuse it is seen as a male invasion of a female privilege.

The vicious comments I have seen and read by so-called victims is astonishing. It is even contradictory to even suggest that the authors of these comments could ever claim to be a victim in the first place. No, I suggest that those who preach their hatred are those of whom have been caught out. Those who preach the loudest are not always in the right – it’s just the fact that they like the power of putting down their opponents in the loudest way possible.

This form of blinkered belief has penetrated into social constructs such as legal statutes. Child maintenance legislation assumes and argues that the absent parent is the man. Abusers are solely male and housing needs do not equip men (most rough sleepers are male and there is a lack of provision for male emergency care).

Basic functions

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Education is not ignorance

My educational background equipped me with the knowledge that the basic functions of life surround the beating heart and the expanding lungs with the flow and ebb of blood. None of these principles identify as gender specific. Put simply, if and when I die I am sure my remaining organs could be transplanted into either a male or female. There is no distinction.

Although I have been critical of my own upbringing I can praise the fact that as a boy I was taught to cook and sew with the intent of not being reliant on a female to look after my basic needs.

Seeing beyond your own front gate

Education is not just about knowing facts. A real education is about questioning the facts as they are perceived. A good education is the ability to wonder ‘why’ and seek a true answer. I strongly object to the individuals who see fit to jump on a bandwagon because everyone else has. If you are educated enough you will see that that bandwagon either has square wheels or is propped up by angry, blinkered individuals with their own agenda to fill. The ignorant therefore are just numbers and so are expendable.

Intellectual dilemma

Of course, it can be argued that an ideology has been started by an intellectual. This in my view is wholly correct. It takes a certain characteristic to make a society or group rise above to be heard. But the same could be said about the rise of Adolf Hitler. Or to that measure ISIS. And we all know that the ideology of hate becomes self-consuming and will/had ultimately implodes. These self-professed intellectuals are skilled at spinning a web to catch the uneducated and simple-minded. Hence, a rapid rise in their numbers.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Education is not ignorance

My idea of education is not to target other groups. It is only by the grace of god (I am using this term because it is well known, and not because I have belief in any god) that we are not a part of that section of society.


As a male seeking equality, I would never argue against the true meaning of feminism. In fact, many men embrace the ideas they possess as a utopian state would afford the status of true equality. Yet I draw the line at haters and evil propagandists who preach unfettered evil in the name of either being a victim or a member of a supposedly minority group.

In an ideal world we would not have hurt, victimisation or segregation. It is only the enlightened and educated that can put a stop to this form of evil brain washing.

Common decency

In essence, I am stating that education does not end at the school gates. The art of learning is a lifelong skill that develops and improves as you get older. As a child I was never taught the art of a good relationship breakdown. It is only life that has taught me that. But the education of common decency has stopped me from labelling every female as wicked, evil and so on. Like the fact that not all men are abusers, absent fathers (through choice) or violent.

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