When depression makes you feel guilty

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Depression stops you from getting things done

When you are deep in to your depression everything is difficult to do. As a result nothing gets done. These leads to a feeling of worthlessness and guilt.

What is guilt and shame?

Guilt is a feeling of regret or remorse. It could be a result over what you have or have not done in the past. Shame is thought to result from the feeling of being judged by those around you.

These feelings can be normal. But when it comes to depression, these feelings can become magnified and distorted. In many cases depressive guilt and shame can become toxic and threaten our mental health and well being.

Feelings of guilt for ‘wasting time’

I came across an article today that I wish to share.

The article covers, with great clarity, how it feels to suffer when you don’t want to.

Paragraph of note

A key point she shares is the following;

I already have all these regrets of not doing anything, of thinking about the things I could have accomplished had I not convinced myself it wasn’t worth it and just stayed in bed. The guilt is another physical being that holds me back. I feel bad for not being a “normal” person with a “normal” life. Instead, I just stare at the ceiling as the guilt eats away at me.

My feelings of guilt and shame

I have a mixture of feelings. I felt guilt for allowing the abuse in my relationship to have happened. A feeling of shame that I didn’t stop it or share what was going on with other people. These feelings had left me exhausted and in the early stages I found I was treading water just to keep going.

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