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I won’t say or even claim that it has been easy, but I felt a little bit of relief this morning.

An invite to discuss

I received an email from my publisher to say that they had acknowledged an excellent report about the draft of my book from an independent proof reader. As a result, I have been invited to their office in Cambridge to discuss the process of publication, royalties and other associated things that need to be clarified etc.

Keith's Story - Male Victim of Domestic Abuse & Depression Contract to publish

So why the relief?

Well, when I received the email this morning there seemed to be a rush of approval, appreciation and acceptance of what I had been saying. As you know, proving your innocents is one thing but being heard is another.

From the outset I knew there was nothing for people like me who had found themselves in this predicament and so I wrote my own. This wasn’t an attempt to profit or gain from what had happened but to try and attempt to make my voice heard.

Well, today my relief was endorsed by the fact that a highly regarded publisher (Arena Books) appeared to have agreed and are willing to discuss a contract with me.


I know this blog is brief, but I felt it was/is nice to share positive news for a change. I will of course enlighten you with tomorrows developments as and when.

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5 Replies to “Contract to publish”

  1. Keith, I am so pleased for you! Of course you’re feeling a rush of feelings. Writing a full length manuscript is a major investment, and to have it accepted by a publishing house is huge! Thanks for sharing the good news. – Ali

  2. Congratulations, Keith. I was glad to have run across your website. It made me realize the full nature of the bullet I’d somehow managed to dodge – narrowly. Keep up the good work. We’re not alone.

    1. Hello Hugh

      Thank you for your comment.

      Although it is a big wide world out there it is nice to know that there are communities that speak the same language.


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